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March 7, 2020
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Baby Clothes The Natural Way

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Searching for natural baby clothes is easy as long as you know exactly what to look for. Your babys skin is very soft but also very prone to irritation and infection. When shopping for natural baby clothes, look for 100% organic or natural cotton. Cotton is a fabric that can be very easily cleaned, making it great for newborns that spit up a lot. Cotton is also great for toddlers who are very messy in other words, all toddlers!There are many online boutiques now that sell specific organic baby clothing from hats right down to socks and shoes. Whether youre in the sunny south or the frigid north, cotton clothing for baby can be both breathable and cozy. Theres also organic Egyptian cotton, which is like a cloud to touch and wont irritate the skin.Other natural baby clothing fabrics include wool or fiber from any animal coat - including sheep or llama. This type of fabric ensures warmth in the winter or early spring for your baby. Wool clothing may be infamously itchy, but in todays day and age, many clothing manufactures have perfected the feeling of wool to be soft and cozy rather than itchy to the baby. Wool also makes a great fabric for a baby blanket. Wool can be a little costly but is necessary if you live in a chilly area of the world. Most wool clothes range from $13-30 per item, depending on the brand.Silk is a great natural fabric that comes from the cocoon of the silk worm. Silk baby clothes are much more affordable than wool, but will cost you a bit more than just cotton. Natural silk baby clothes range in price from $10-20 for a sweater and $7-13 for a shirt. Silk is mostly found in baby blankets, but if you go to online boutiques that offer organic baby clothing, silk will be a hot-ticket item. Baby clothes made from linen are almost always 100% natural because the fabric itself is from a fiber called flax. Linen generally comes in neutral color tones like brown, beige, and white. Linen is very inexpensive, but very comfortable and for those of you who live in the sunny regions, linen is mostly light and airy. Linen dresses range from $15-20 in most online organic stores. When using linen (as a dress) in a cooler part of the world, pair it up with a wool sweater and some tights to make it more comfy and cozy.Other super-organic baby clothes include those that are made with Hemp, Ramie, or Jute. The composition of hemp is very similar to that of linen, except for the fact that its a little warmer. Hemp fabric has been known to withstand water (or juice for that matter) better than any other textile product, but it wrinkles easily.


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