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April 2, 2020
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Choosing the Right Size Santa Hat

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Some of our customers have expressed a concern with how to buy the right size Santa Hats when buying on line. Just imagine the frustration of planning a Christmas photo session with the whole family wearing matching Santa Hats only to find out that some of them are drooping below the eyes or not even fitting around the head! Here are a few tips we have come up with to help you measure correctly to determine the correct size Santa Hat for you to buy.

You will need the measurement or circumference of the persons head. The easiest way to do this is to take a piece of kite string or thread and put it around the persons head, about one half inch above the eyebrows and just above the ears. Do not pull it too tight. You want the Santa Hat to rest comfortable a little above the eyebrows. Next cut or mark the string and place it on a yard stick or tape measure. This gives you the circumference of the persons head. This will help you decide what size Santa Hat to buy. Most websites will have a chart or something that tells you which size Santa Hat will best fit various head measurements.

The industry standard for measuring a Santa Hat is to lay the hat on a flat surface and measure across the cuff. If this measurement is 10 inches then it is sold in the stores or online as a 10 inch Santa Clause Hat. This measurement does not really let the customer know if it will fit or not.

We have developed this basic Santa Hat sizing chart based on the Hats we carry. Please note that these are estimates and are not exact. As before stated any measurements will vary with the natural shapes of heads and the fabric the Hat is made from.

Santa Hat Sizing Chart:

For Adults;
Large; a 13 inch Large Santa Hat will fit an adult head circumference of not more than 25-28 inches.
Medium; a 12 inch Medium Santa Hats will fit an adult head circumference of not more than 24 inches.
Small; an 11 inch Small Christmas Hat will fit an adult head circumference of not more than 22-23 inches.

For Children;
Infants; an 8 to 9 inch Infant Santa Hat will fit an infant head circumference of not more than 15 inches.
Toddlers; a 9 to 9 inch Toddler Santa Hats will fit a toddler head circumference of not more than 17 inches.
Children; a 10 inch Childrens Santa Hats will fit a Childs head circumference of not more than 19 inches.

Keep in mind, this is not an exact science but we feel like this chart will help most people chose the right size hat. People have different shaped heads and this can play a roll in how a hat will fit. Santa Hats are made of the different fabrics and this also can make a difference in the fit. Some have a stiff backing added that keep them from having any give, while other fabrics have a natural ability to stretch.

Evolution of Santa Hats.

It used to be that the only choice you had in choosing a Santa Hat was the size you needed. They were all red plush with a plush white cuff. Santa Hats have come a long way since then. They now come in burgundy as well as Christmas red. You can find everything from pre embroidered Merry Christmas Santa Hats to Novelty Santa Hats with animal print fur and even a(Camo)Camouflage Santa Claus Hat. Another popular style is the Elf Hat that looks similar to a jester hat. Don't forget your furry friends! There are Cat Santa Hats, Dog Santa Hats and adorable Pet Jester Hats.


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