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May 10, 2020
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Great Ideas for Making Easter Hats

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Hat contests and bonnet parades are common around Easter, but if you've got to make your child a hat that stands out above the rest, it isn't always easy coming up with Easter hat ideas! Here are two different Easter hat themes to get your creative juices flowing.An Egg HatIf you want to create something special then you can create an "egg" by making the hat out of paper mache and a balloon. Here are the steps you'll need to follow.1. Get the newspaper ready to cover the ballon, and make up a mixture of flour and water to stick it on with.2. Inflate the balloon to the size you want it to be, and start applying strips of newspaper soaked in the paper mache mix you prepared earlier. You can keep layering it up to help make it as strong as possible.3. Now you'll need to leave the balloon to dry for a couple of days, make sure that the kids don't touch it during this time!4. Once the balloon is dry and firm, it's time to decorate! You could also cut off the top of the paper mache balloon to make the hat look more like a cracked egg, and fill it with paper and other materials to make it look like a yolk. Or simply go for the colorful look and have the kids decorate it however they like. 5. To get the balloon to sit right on the head you'll need to cut off the bottom and attach it over the top of a standard hat. Any suitably sized hat from a cheap store can be used for this purpose - though you may want to decorate the brim to help hide the hat material.More Traditional Easter Hat IdeasIf the egg idea isn't for you then you may want to opt for more traditional Easter hat ideas. Back in pagan times, people used to wear wreaths of flowers and natural materials to help mark the coming of spring, and this makes a beautiful idea for little girls.Straw hat Easter bonnets are also very popular, making use of ribbons and floral arrangements around the brim to help bring that fresh feeling of spring. You'll want to use glue to keep the flowers firmly in place, and you could even add some decorative eggs. Make sure the glue is completely dry before anyone wears the hat!Your imagination is really the only thing limiting the Easter hat ideas you can come up with. Some opt for more traditional styles, whereas others do as much as they can to stand out from everyone else. It really is up to you!


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