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September 1, 2020
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Making A Change For The Better

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Many people are choosing to hang onto their homes instead of selling and moving on due to the pressure from an imminent recession and the loss of profit in buying and selling houses right now. These same people are choosing to decorate their homes and give them that freshened up feel to make that difference. This can be in various ways from extensions for those who have slightly more money to a simple redecoration job for the rest of us.

Fashions come and go with everything including interior design. We see phases that range from the plain and contemporary to the delicate and ornate. Of course, it really depends on your tastes and the style of your home because there is still a huge range of choices to make for the interior decoration of your home.

I suppose you could determine the height of interior design fashion by the price tag. For example, there may be a new designer kitchen tile on the market that has ornate Victorian style floral decoration embossed all over it and they may be four hundred and twenty five pounds per tile but would they look right in your new build square box property? Somehow, I doubt it.

So, price is irrelevant unless you have no taste or mind of your own whatsoever or if you're lucky enough to have the designers decide to make pricey fashion kitchen tiles that just so happen to be suitable for your particular type of property.

For some time now, simplicity, plainness and neutral looks have been the hot thing in interior design. From neutrally painted, plastered walls to kitchen tiles in natural looking terracotta, clay or slate colouring, the emphasis is on bringing the outdoors inside, with materials that take us back to nature.

However, in typical fashion world style, the tables are turning. People are becoming tired of the plainness and are looking for something that expresses a little more individuality. Kitchen tiles are now either brightly coloured and mixed, set into particular feature layouts or even decorated with fussy patterns. These fussy kitchen tiles are importantly teamed with a room where the rest of the decor and furnishings are fairly plain so as not to clash and the kitchen tiles then themselves become a feature.

Another hot feature of interior design at the moment is wallpaper. Wallpaper has become fashionable once again due to the designers bringing out some particularly striking designs that catch the eye. Patterns are bold and but when using these, especially if you have a small property, then it is a good idea to use one feature wall for the boldly patterned wallpaper and leave the rest plain coloured. This stops the pattern from becoming over-bearing and making the room look messy.

Furniture should also be taken into consideration when you are decorating. If you are going to keep what you already have, then you need to factor this in when choosing new wallpaper or tiles. If you are buying new furniture then you have the option of choosing this to match any of your favourite colours, wallpapers, patterns and styles, whether you want to go modern, classical or traditional.

Whatever your tastes, there will be something in every price range on the market to suit you and it is by far the cheaper way of making a change than moving house, particularly in the current climate, and as we all know, a change is as good as a rest!


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