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July 9, 2020
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Have You Ever Had A Birthday Barbecue Party?

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Many people over the age of twenty have a sort of love-hate relationship with birthdays. They love to have a party and be the centre of attention and a lot of fun, but they hate getting older. But I believe that people ought to celebrate their birthdays. After all, you enjoy going to someone else's birthday party and so you are morally obligated to put one on for others too.

And birthday parties should be a load of fun. It does not have to be a children's type party, of course, but you could still get dressed up and play games.

You could have a barbecue for all your friends and family and do it cowboy style. Have a barn dance that would make 'JR' proud. The food for this is straightforward enough. Begin by providing plenty of Texas sized spare ribs, half-pounder hamburgers, T-bone steaks, and jumbo size hot dogs with loads of bread and salad.

For music, it has to be country and everybody has to wear cowboy clothing, although it would probably be better to leave the shootin' irons at home. Annie Oakley style clothes for the ladies and Buffalo Bill style for the gents. If it is going to be a big party, ask everyone to bring their own favourite dish, in true Southern style. That would be a great way to celebrate an adult's birthday for the family.

If you do not go much on the macho cowboy idea, you could try a Caribbean style barbecue. Wear flash short sleeved shirts and bright colours or swimming costumes. The music could be reggae and calypso and the food would be grilled fish and chicken with salad and plenty of fresh fruit. Offer hot and not so hot chilli dips and barbecue sauces. You could have a go at limbo dancing too, that is always good for a laugh.

Or perhaps you would prefer a humorous barbecue party and all dress up like the hillbilly family 'The Clamperts'! That would be fun. The men could wear old velvet hats and old clothes tied up with string like Jed and Jethro and the women could come as Ellie May or Granny. I suppose that the original food like possum and bullfrog might be difficult to get hold of in some places, but you could just provide what you like for this one. Steaks, hamburgers and fried fish; bread and salad with cake to finish.

Another favourite form of barbecue for a birthday do is the Luau. An Hawaiian barbecue is really something else. You will need bright colours and plenty of tropical Hawaiian decorations. You could provide half coconut shells for drinking out of and lots of coconut and pineapple based drinks. You should ask your guests to wear loud Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts, provide plenty of leis and hula music and a 'loudest Hawaiian shirt' contest is de rigour.

If none of those takes your fancy, how about a 'Vicars and Tarts' barbecue? You can use your own imagination on that one though. More tea and crumpet, vicar?

If your barbecue party is to continue into the evening and it might get nippy, you could hire or borrow some patio heaters, just so as to give you a few additional hours in the garden.


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